Delicious Meals Made Just For You!

  • An individualized personal chef service that caters to your tastes and dietary desires.
  • Fresh meals are prepared in your home with the freshest, natural, organic ingredients.
  • Now accepting new clients in Durham and Chapel Hill area!

Too Busy to Eat Well?

If you don’t like eating out all the time and the ingredients your food is made with are important to you, then this service is made for you! After my visit, you will find your refrigerator full of delicious meals, packed and labeled and ready for you to reheat and enjoy or freeze for later.

Special Diets are my Specialty!

Do you have a special diet and are having a hard time finding foods you can eat and it’s stressing you out? Do you have food intolerances, allergies, IBS or health issues that require a specific diet? No problem! I am here to help you.